Take control of your investments through automation

With Jellifin you can set triggers to automate your trading strategy.

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Jellifin Triggers

The active investment manager that you control.

Set IF, THEN statements to buy and sell your favorite stocks in a fully automated way.

Set triggers on indicators such as Price, Volume, 52 Week High, and Percent Change. Technical indicators such as ADX, RSI, and SMA and algorithmic trading are coming soon. More Info


Simple, yet advanced

Jellifin is a robust platform, designed for speed and performance. Stay on top of the markets in the palm of your hands.



Never miss out on gains again

Remove the guesswork while trading. Jellifin lets you trade with confidence. What you want to buy or sell gets done when and how you want it.

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Account Protection

Keeping you and your financial data safe and secure is our top priority.


We use bank-level security and data encryption to ensure your data is fully protected.


Jellifin is powered by Third Party Trade LLC, a member of FINRA & SIPC, which protects customer accounts up to $500,000.