Introducing 1-Click Buy or Sell

With the latest release of the Jellifin app to the App Store, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on speed and performance. We are proud to introduce 1-Click Buy or Sell. Taking Amazon’s approach to seamless shopping, and applying it to trading.


With Jellifin’s 1-Click Buy or Sell, you can go from idea to trade in a matter of seconds. Giving you that extra edge to take advantage of market opportunities. Set your trading defaults such as Number of Contracts, Order Type and Time In Force in the settings menu and alter them as your strategy changes over time.


At Jellifin we want to provide you tools for smarter investing. This is just one of many innovations to come. Take it for a spin. We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any requests for future tools, please reach out to us at or submit a feature request within the app.

Until next time.