The new standard in trading platforms

Jellifin's enterprise technology accelerates time to market in a secure, scalable, and cost effective way. Re-imagine how your customers engage with your services.



Jellifin's trading platforms support both broker-dealers and digital advisors.



Choose from a wide range of components that fits your customer's needs.



Integrate with existing APIs such as clearing firms, market data providers and many more.


Get around the clock support from the Jellifin. Updates, new designs, improvements, we got you covered.

Unique Jellifin Features


Advanced Orders

Invest in stocks, ETFs, equity options and index options with a single click. Trade advanced strategies such as multileg options, combo, stock shorting, and covered call and put. Execute orders using order types such as Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, Debit, Credit and Even.


Dynamic Feed

Give your customers access to dynamic content that is delivered throughout the day. Get alerts for trending news, top gainers, losers, earnings release, IPOs, and many more. Customize this feed with your own unique content to increase engagement and retain brand loyalty. 


Quality Research

Allow your customers to conduct extensive research using over 100 data points provided for each stock. Dive deep into a company's earnings, financials, ownership, and many more. Use research tools to increase your customer's app usage time, engagement, and trading opportunities.

Case Study


Rho for makes trading stocks and options painless with Jellifin

Rho uses Jellifin to power it's mobile trading platform which services thousands of customers on the Tradier Brokerage broker-dealer API. Customers can trade from multiple accounts on the same platform. Dynamic content is delivered to the platform and updated frequently using socket market data connection. And when its time to trade, orders are executed using low latency technology.